My submission for the March 2018 'Archaeology' bitsy jam.

A short story/game about finding old stuff in the dirt. Probably inspired by the KRAJILLION hours I have spent playing Doug Dug.

Plays in about 15-30 min.

Unofficial Soundtrack: Ratio by Floating Points

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
Tagsarchaeology, Bitsy, bitsyjam

Development log


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how to jump un the bernice 2

Really cool! I love how simple yet engaging it is.

Brilliant! Love the atmosphere and story

This is fantastic!


This game is amazing. You always manage to bring a new aspect of gameplay AND have excellent storytelling. I had never before seen or had the idea of digging in a bitsy game. Uncovering the secrets is really interesting, and I wasn't expecting this to have different endings. The grandpa ending is my favorite


I'm amazed by your way of storytelling, just like I described in our compilation article about this episode of the Bitsy Jam as well as it shows off in the related showcase video. It felt like the one entry to me where the digging really brought me some kind of narrative progress, and that was so great! Thank you very much for your game! ...Though I still wonder how many different Bernices there were. :>

Best wishes,

Thanks for the kind words and the feature!

You're very welcome, Andrew. Looking forward to your next projects! :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Yeah, manually placing each dirt item did get a little tedious. I did use a few hacks, although the bulk of what's being done is just Bitsy. I used the directional avatar, end from dialog, and dynamic background hacks.


Love the places you took the story and how you utilized the bitsy restraints.


This is so good!!!

This is super good! Really enjoyed this. Ended up playing a couple times to make sure I found everything I could.

this is so good!! i love the narrative!! and the digging is really fun- its such a fun maze and just all the "places" you can go kinda shocked me xD i had a good laugh! 

This is brilliant. Both a technical and narrative masterpiece.

Wow, thanks!


Wow, this is fantastic! I love how the story expands as you keep digging.