Borksy is a hacking tool to be used in conjunction with Bitsy Game Maker! Use it to customize your Bitsy games and add hacks without needing a web server or any manual cut-and-paste work.

Full-screen mode recommended, or access Borksy from its github demo.

StatusIn development
Made withBitsy


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I have a question about the transparency hack.

Is there a way to make the sprite only have no transparency?


You can at least work around it, by using the option for either a specific item/sprite or a list of item/sprites to render transparent - or, all item/sprites with the word transparent in the name - and then simply leave out the names of all your sprites.


Borksy makes all items/sprites transparent by default. You can change this in the hack options. If editing the hack options is unfamiliar to you, or you need more help creating the exact solution you need, someone in the Bitsy discord help channel can probably walk you through it.

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Somewhat doesn't download at all.

this is broken.

Sorry you're having issues. It's not clear to me from your comment exactly what's happening. If you can go over the problem you're encountering in more detail, I may be able to help.

I think it's only the 3D hack, just tried it with other hacks it worked,

Yeah, the 3d hack has created too big of a file for some users. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s something I can fix or not.

it just gives me the network error message even if  i try to download the test project in incognito

Sorry you're having this issue; I'm yet not sure how I can solve it on my end. I'm going to keep looking into it. I did google and find a few things you can try, hopefully one of those will work for you!

for some reason im getting a network error whenever i try to download the file...its happening in all the browsers ive tried both here and on the github demo and it doesn't seem to matter what internet connection i'm using...very confusing .~. do you have any idea what could be going wrong there? everything else on my computer downloads fine

That is odd. Can you give any clarification on what you mean by 'a network error?' What is the exact error message given? Are you able to open the JS console and screenshot any error messages?

im not getting any error pop up or anything, its just that in some browsers the download is immediately cancelled and it just says "network error" and in others it doesnt seem to start at all (though this could also be the thing where it is immediately cancelled).   i dont think theres anyway i can check for a more  specific error message as far as i can tell but i'll keep looking i guess.

what js console do you mean? like one in the browser or one in borksy itself?

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Yes, the JS console in the browser. Your game might be too big? It seems like blob files can get too big to be downloaded the way that Borksy/Bitsy does, although I've never seen a project get that big. Can you download just the plain Borksy test game? (Open Borksy in an incognito window, restore defaults and then save.) If you can save that game but not your specific game, your project may be too big for Borksy to handle. I recommend joining the Bitsy discord for further help.

hmm i was able to save it when i downlaoded the test game in the incognito window...actually i just tried it with the code from my game to see if it really was too big and it...still downloaded?? for some reason it only works in an incognito window for me, i guess. which does not really make sense but at least i got it working i suppose

This has succeeded where I failed (when following other tutorials to the letter) in adding music to different rooms. Now I'm going to go and add some tunes to my Bitsy game! Cheers!


You are a god.

literally the best bitsy tool ever, thank you!!!

🤗I'm always glad to find out how many people have been helped by this tool!

I don't know if I've ever said it since I started making Bitsy games, but this tool has been instrumental in the Bitsy games I've made! Thanks for making this, I greatly appreciate it!!

Thanks so much, TyeDye! I didn’t realize when I made this tool how helpful it would be to so many people. I love seeing about all the games folx have made using it.

Hello. I'm trying to use borksy because I wanted to use the directional hack for  my sprite. But apparently it's not working, I've known the bitsy recently so I don't know much about the tool yet but I followed the use tutorials as explained and the hack still didn't work.


Yes, sorry. You weren't doing anything wrong. Borksy was out of date with Bitsy. It should be working now, but if you need more immediate help in the future, I recommend joining the Bitsy discord and asking for help there.


Used it a lot for my game, which wouldn't have been possible without it.

Gonna try this out later

DUUUUUUUDE This is awesome

Looking forward to trying this out. 😊 Thanks for creating it.