Cake Climb

Time: 10min
Content Warning: cuss words
Controls: Arrow keys
Fullscreen recommended. 

You are an ant climbing around some cakes. Eat all the berries to complete the game. Look for the ladders in the frosting and candy to make your way around.

A birthday present for Emma.

Bitsy is by Adam LeDoux.
Bitsy-3D is by Elkie Nova.
Bitsy hacks are by various and curated by Sean S LeBlanc.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
Tagsants, Bitsy, bitsy-3d, cake


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I like how you drew out the dialogue, I like the level of difficulty, I liked the engagement with the characters, I liked the art. Fucking beautiful.


Everything about this is amazing but I just want to highlight the textures??? This game has some top-notch textures. ✨

Also how dare you I will never get sick of strawberries


I feel affirmed ♥


Excellent use of Bitsy3D. Sweet (ha) art and a very suitable soundtrack. Who knew ants could eat so many strawberries? Great work!