This is my Bitmas Secret Santa entry for 2020, made as a gift for max, who also made pixsy, which I used extensively for this project.

My prompts were:
roadtrip, supernatural, awakening

I have never seen this show.
I can only explain why I made this by saying that I said I was going to, and then I never looked back.

Bitsy is made by Adam LeDoux,
Pixsy is made by Max
Bitsy hacks are by various and curated by Sean S LeBlanc

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This Was hilarious. As a fan of the show I think you did it justice with its chaotic silliness. 

Things I also Liked:
I love how "Carry On My Wayward Son" Played every time it switched to Castiel.
I liked how you deepened the song when the devil appeared and I think its funny you used Supernatural as their last name when its one of the first things that comes up when you search their names.


i could only get up to a part where it was just a blackened screen with faint kansas playing in the background and frankly that's all i needed, this is the only game ever and the only adaptation of supernatural that should ever exist


As someone who knows nothing and will know nothing about Supernatural, this finale just made Supernatural (Ayolland Cut) my favorite show. Ever. The music, writing, and often hilarious shot-reverse-shot sequences had me laughing all the way through! The explosions, devil laugh, face close ups, and more all worked together to really create a show finale level experience. The 2300 ending was a great twist, and the insane moment when Deans? eye powers activated and took the devil to dean-soul was awesome! The sprite work of them holding hands was really poignant and stood out in a game that was mostly pixelized profiles. This really elevated what I assume the source material was. Wonderful work!


this is actually the peak of humor


this is actually exactly what happened in supernatural


i just streamed this to my ttrpg group two of whom are former supernatural fans. we did a dramatic reading and it was great. 10/10

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Never watched the show but this seems totally legit, pretty accurate and the dialogs are way better than the ogs. I’m glad superhell is cancelled !


The music that only plays when Castiel is talking omg


noooooooooooooooo, not *spoiler*


just wonderful


a masterpiece truly. favorite line “superhell which i made like last week for people i hate”


i have not watched a lot of supernatural but this is canon!! THIS IS CANON!!! i've been laughing so much!! the perfectly timed music and just god all the hacks u must have useddd damn its just.. its so good what the heck ahh


I laughed so hard I went to superhell


I was laughing/grinning throughout the whole of this and it's made even more hilarious by the fact that I've never seen Supernatural either. I should have remembered that that word was also the name of a TV programme lmao