This is my Bitmas Secret Santa entry for 2020, made as a gift for max, who also made pixsy, which I used extensively for this project.

My prompts were:
roadtrip, supernatural, awakening

I have never seen this show.
I can only explain why I made this by saying that I said I was going to, and then I never looked back.

Bitsy is made by Adam LeDoux,
Pixsy is made by Max
Bitsy hacks are by various and curated by Sean S LeBlanc

Published 28 days ago
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As someone who knows nothing and will know nothing about Supernatural, this finale just made Supernatural (Ayolland Cut) my favorite show. Ever. The music, writing, and often hilarious shot-reverse-shot sequences had me laughing all the way through! The explosions, devil laugh, face close ups, and more all worked together to really create a show finale level experience. The 2300 ending was a great twist, and the insane moment when Deans? eye powers activated and took the devil to dean-soul was awesome! The sprite work of them holding hands was really poignant and stood out in a game that was mostly pixelized profiles. This really elevated what I assume the source material was. Wonderful work!

this is actually the peak of humor


this is actually exactly what happened in supernatural

i just streamed this to my ttrpg group two of whom are former supernatural fans. we did a dramatic reading and it was great. 10/10

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Never watched the show but this seems totally legit, pretty accurate and the dialogs are way better than the ogs. I’m glad superhell is cancelled !


The music that only plays when Castiel is talking omg


noooooooooooooooo, not *spoiler*


just wonderful


a masterpiece truly. favorite line “superhell which i made like last week for people i hate”


i have not watched a lot of supernatural but this is canon!! THIS IS CANON!!! i've been laughing so much!! the perfectly timed music and just god all the hacks u must have useddd damn its just.. its so good what the heck ahh


I laughed so hard I went to superhell


I was laughing/grinning throughout the whole of this and it's made even more hilarious by the fact that I've never seen Supernatural either. I should have remembered that that word was also the name of a TV programme lmao