Inspired by games like Mario Bros and Whoa Dave, Super Coin Siblings is a local-multiplayer game where players compete in 2min matches to collect the most coins while being antagonized by enemies. Play against a friend, or try and beat your high scores.

4 levels, 1 of which is randomly generated.
Player 1 Controls: Arrow Keys
Player 2 Controls: WASD

SCS was actually created as part of a class. I helped design the curriculum for a class for Mystery Code Society in Spring 2017. The class was teaching JavaScript basics to middle-schoolers using Phaser, so we built a library of modular platformer components that could be easily included into student projects. The idea was that students could include different components and then customize their appearance and behavior to make games much more quickly than if they tried building from scratch.  SCS was my final proof-of-concept, where I put most of the components to use to create a complete-ish game. Each enemy, the blocks, the lava, levers, buttons, etc, all are different modular components in the library.

Our components were built from a variety of public domain assets we cobbled together, and weren't really designed with public release in mind. So unfortunately, I don't have a list of the artists whose work I used for this. All of the was found on Some sprites end up stretched/squashed because we were building things pretty quick and dirty. Components needed to work enough to help, not look/act perfect.

GenreAction, Platformer
Made withPhaser
TagsLocal multiplayer, Multiplayer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

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