Playtime: 5-10min
File Size: 2.3MB
Content: Heck

My submission for the Bitsy Space-Whale jam!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


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I Enjoy it

*excited whale noises of gut-cleanliness*

Cool graphics, and engaging storyline.

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I created an itch acct just to follow your page because this stinkin game is so stinkin cute.

Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to make more cute games like this soon!


love the art and quirkiness


Actually, all the commentators have already said everything here, but still I would like to say a big compliment at this point: That was just fabulous! The friendship between Kerry and Alice was wonderfully worked out, the ghost bugs didn't end up as a malicious threat (although they were pretty scary while playing in my opinion, brrr) and the overall art style was just great! Again, a fantastic Bitsy game by you, which I also liked to recommend in our compilation article about the Space Whales Bitsy Jam. :) Of course, anyone interested can also see a minute of gameplay in the accompanying video. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to your next games! <3

Best wishes,

I love that whale!
A guy played your game on youtube, if I'm not mistaken.
Great use of bitsy!

WHALE x SHIP!?!? I can't believe it.


holy heckity frick

Wonderful, love it. Well done!

omfg i love this sooooo much1!!!! i didn't at first understand that alice was the whale and the ship but my god do i love alice!!! and the conversation going on what just brilliant!!!! i love these two good buds!!!!!!

Heck, this is so compelling and wonderful! I just love Kerry and Alice and want to see so many more of their adventures. And the ghost bugs.

This was super fun!

I really loved the bug hunting part, the art looked great and you manged to make me feel super lost without it getting frustrating.

I love this game <3

this is really good! I love that the whale feels like a buddy more than a ship or anything



Everything about this is so perfect! The music, the art (those intestine holes were gross AND cute?!), just the right amount of story and humour. I loved the gut-maze. The order was mostly forced, right? But it felt like an adventure! And a genuine sense of achievement when you finish. Excellent :D

omg this is always........