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"Welcome to the Habitrails” is scratched into your living room wall. You didn’t write it. You’ve never thought to clean it off, either. It was here before you.
You arrived here a few days ago. You don’t remember how. The neighborhood is a simulacra of a community. All the houses look the same, or close. All the houses look wrong. All the houses are broken.

Welcome to the Habitrails is a one-player, tarot-driven journaling game. It is a surreal horror game about self-examination and surviving in a place that is hostile, ever-changing, yet uncomfortably familiar. It is heavily inspired by the ongoing pandemic, and deals with themes of isolation, paranoia, grief, and mental illness.

Welcome to the Habitrails uses a minimalistic system inspired by games like Anamnesis and the Wretched & Alone SRD. There are no stats or character sheets, just you, a deck of cards, some prompts, and some questions.

This is the ashcan/playtesting release of the game. It is currently on sale while it is under development. Paying for the game now will give you access to the complete version later, as well as a discount code for a physical release in the future. You are also welcome to download the TXT version for free or claim a community copy. More community copies will be added in the future.

The font used for the title is HC Gleam by Mitch Proctor

Development roadmap:

  1. Playtesting and re-writes - 🔄  Currently ongoing
  2. Layout and illustration - 🔜
  3. Physical release - 

Official Playlist:

If you play the game and are interested in some music to get you in the right headspace, I've curated a playlist of ambient and vaguely unsettling vibes to help immerse you in the world of the game.


Buy Now
On Sale!
80% Off
$10.00 $2.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

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