The Fever
Content:  😢sad

My entry for the 'Ocean' Bitsy jam.

Music stolen borrowed from Forma

I wanted to make this game because it was a story I could tell primarily with color, and because it is an issue close to my heart. If you want to know more about coral bleaching, try

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(57 total ratings)
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, reef
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


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beautiful and sad. wonderful graphics.


This game is really beautiful! I love the different colors you use. I also appreciate the focus on such an important topic. 

What Bitsy hacks did you use to place more than 3 colors per screen


It's actually not hacks. Vanilla Bitsy allows for this, but you have to manually edit the game-data. There's a Bitsy FAQ that some folx put together that covers it.

thanks bro ( nwn)b

Watch Get Played | BitsyJam: Ocean from Tiger_J on

Sorry about the audio, My mic was not set correctly and it sounds muffled.

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I like the way you've combined the loss of color of the world with the story itself. That went very well in my opinion. Overall, it was a successful mix of educational game and serious game, but without being too instructive. The pixel art was fantastic as well! These were the reasons why I included your game in an article about the great games that were created for the Bitsy Jam (and it's featured in the corresponding video as well). <3 Keep it up, dear Andrew!

Best wishes,

Wow, this is so gorgeous. and sad!

wow, that was a lot more sad than I thought at first. really well done!

Very powerful and sad!

This is magical and gets the message across really effectively

Sad but beutiful game ;(

I love the color, the music, and the message. Very good imo.

Really well played.  The use of bitsy hacks to color the ocean environments were put to great use to really drive home the punch of the topic.  I didn't read the description first, so I was expecting something similar to Odell Lake in feel but got something much more atmospheric and meaningful.  Color me impressed!

Really lovely game, and so sad, such an important issue!


oh no thats so sad :'(  your art is very beautiful though and the colours are amazing! 

Oh my gosh, so sad and beautiful :'( Great work!!!!!!!!!