Combat Dungeon is a seat-of-your-pants thrill-ride full of non-stop twitch-action combat. All built in Bitsy! Conquer the dungeon! Duke it out with goblins! Call wizards on the phone! Vape with ghosts!

Gameplay: 30-60min. Includes some jokes about sex.
Controls: Arrows/Space OR Swipe on game view for touch devices.
Full-screen mode recommended.

Unofficial Soundtrack on Spotify:

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Funny, goblins
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


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this was delightful!!

Thanks! Glad people are still playing this one: it's still my biggest Bitsy.

It was one of the first bitsies I played when I was figuring out the engine! Though I'm not sure I got all the way through. It just popped up in my feed so I wanted to replay it.

This was really fun!
I think the same, maze rooms get so tedious after the 10th time. Luckily, thanks to that, I discovered that WASD and ARROWS can be mashed simultaneously to step twice as fast.


yeah, there is a lot of running back and forth along those mazes. Live and learn.

i finally beat it!!!!! this was so fricking amazing!!!!!!!!! this was a blast to play!!! (even tho the maze rooms made my hand so tiiiiiiiiired) like holy shit this is so awesome!!!! i laughed a lot!!! and god your art is just *non-existent emoji of a chef kissing their fingers*


🤗 thanks! And thanks for coming back and beating it!


I loved it. So many cool hacks. This has helped inspire me to write my own hacks. Genuinely funny and exactly the right length.

If I had a criticism, it would be that the "mazes" are a bit tedious, especially as you have to traverse them multiple times. This is a very minor quibble for an excellent game. Great job! 

This is legitimately one the greatest bitsy games I've ever played, wow. (also I think I did everything except vape with the ghost, rip)


Oh my gosh this is fantastic.



this was a lot of fun! Made me laugh :)

This is so good!! The writing is so fun and it's all really stylish. ooh and I love the screen shake effect!

Thanks! I'm hoping to turn the screen shake into a hack I can share.


so many hacks


Absolutely lovely!