A story about a child in a labyrinth filled with corpses.

My second Bitsy game. Decided to build a game based around exploration, turned into a dark and somber affair.

Unofficial Soundtrack: Keep the Ocean Inside by The Seven Fields of Aphelion

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Footsteps idea is brilliant!... Like Little Thumb's stones to remember where you walked before

Thanks! Initial feedback was that the maze was disruptively difficult, so they were added to be 'hints.'

Well thought, cause we still have the pleasure of the discovery in the Labyrinth without "too much" stress ( took me some time anyway ).
How on earth do you do those foot steps ? I thought once a character goes through a tile nothing happens…


The footsteps are made using items that the avatar collects, revealing the footsteps underneath. Taking advantage of Bitsy's default non-transparency.

Thanks. Love it.

This is very cool! Must have taken ages to build the whole maze and connect everything.

Thanks! Laying out the exits was definitely the most tedious part, but I think I spent the most time drawing sprites.

Well I think it paid off!