Mentally, I am

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD
Fullscreen recommended.
The game will take a few seconds to load.

Complete the emotion puzzle or just wander through the dream and chat with dreamers.

CW: randomly generated text.
The text in this dream is procedural generated from public domain texts. While I have put some safeguards in place, it is possible to randomly generate offensive or triggering content.

Markov chain generator by Sean S LeBlanc.
Sentiment analysis from github.
Bitsy is by Adam LeDoux.
Bitsy-3D is by Elkie Nova.

Source text is from Project Gutenberg and by Willa Cather, Jane Austen, Franz Kafka, Sappho, Phillip K. Dick, Robert E. Howard, and others.

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(15 total ratings)
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TagsAbstract, Bitsy, bitsy-3d, chill, conversation, Dreams, lsd, Procedural Generation, Surreal