Mentally, I am

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD
Fullscreen recommended.
The game will take a few seconds to load.

Complete the emotion puzzle or just wander through the dream and chat with dreamers.

CW: randomly generated text.
The text in this dream is procedural generated from public domain texts. While I have put some safeguards in place, it is possible to randomly generate offensive or triggering content.

Markov chain generator by Sean S LeBlanc.
Sentiment analysis from github.
Bitsy is by Adam LeDoux.
Bitsy-3D is by Elkie Nova.

Source text is from Project Gutenberg and by Willa Cather, Jane Austen, Franz Kafka, Sappho, Phillip K. Dick, Robert E. Howard, and others.

Published 23 days ago
Made withBitsy
TagsAbstract, Bitsy, bitsy-3d, chill, conversation, Dreams, lsd, Procedural Generation, Surreal