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BrightLinger is an 8x8 medieval themed pixel font. It is ready for use with Bitsy, Môsi, and GBStudio,  in addition to any tool that can use a TTF font.

BrightLinger is inspired by the font from the 1994 arcade game Dungeon Magic, or LightBringer, which I found via the book Arcade Game Typography by Toshi Omagari. It is a unical script font, and Taito took inspiration from Victor Hammer's 1943 font American Unical when developing the game. I re-created the arcade font by hand and re-designed it to work well with modern small-games tools, as well as making it more stylistically consistent.

BrightLinger supports a limited selection of extended latin characters, though at the moment I will admit it is a bit random. Some non-english characters are unfortunately a little cramped. BrightLinger also plays a little loose with the lower margins of letters, so it works best with a few pixels in between lines of text.

Included in the download are:

  • TTF file for the monospace version of BrightLinger (used on this page)
  • TFF file for a variable-space version of BrightLinger
  • Monospace Bitsyfont file for use with Bitsy and Mosi
  • ascii.png file for use with GBStudio
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